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Infrared Process:
Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Infrared to repair asphalt pavement?
  • Time - repairs can be made in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. A typical 5íx7í repair takes 20 minutes to complete. The road can be re-opened to traffic immediately after the repair.
  • Quality - the thermal bonding of the asphalt repair with the surrounding pavement makes the repair an integral piece of the pavement. No cold seam is left for water to re-enter and cause joint failure.
  • Recycle - existing asphalt is reused, leaving little or no wasted material. This means less handling and disposal costs.
  • Labor - repairs are fast and simple. Two men and twenty minutes are all that are needed for a typical repair.
  • Cost - the savings realized in materials, manpower and machinery make infrared repairs less expensive than conventional repairs.
Isnít IR restoration too expensive?
No. Infrared restoration is more cost effective than traditional full-depth patching and mill and pave repairs. Consider the savings in manpower, time, machinery and materials by not having to cutout, remove, replace, transport and dispose of large quantities of asphalt. In addition, the end result is a seamless restoration that is thermally bonded to the surrounding pavement.

Isnít IR restoration only good for small areas?
No. Infrared can be used economically on large trenches and patches as well. This is achieved by using multiple heats in succession.

Can IR be used to correct a sub-base problem?
No. Infrared addresses the asphalt course of the roadway only. Nothing short of excavating and making repairs to the sub-base will correct this problem. Infrared restoration is still the most effective repair to the asphalt once the sub-base problem has been corrected.

Is IR restoration permanent?
Yes. A correctly installed IR repair will restore the damaged area to the condition and useful life of the pavement around the repair. Pavement deterioration around the restoration will eventually effect the restoration over time.

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