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Infrared Process:
Step By Step
Sweep away loose debris or standing water from repair and surrounding area. Remember, IR is not readily absorbed by light colored materials like sand or snow.
Light the chamber, and position it over the area to be repaired. Be sure to allow at least 12" of heated area beyond the perimeter of the repair.
Allow heat to penetrate for 7-10 minutes. To insure proper heating time, check the surface temperature of the asphalt at 7 min. and every minute thereafter using an IR thermometer.
Remove the heater, and rake softened asphalt.
Spray a maltines rejuvenator onto the heated area. This will replace some of the light oils that have oxidized out over time.
Add fresh asphalt from the reclaimer and lute to correct grade.
The repair is ready to be rolled.
Compact the repair using a vibratory roller. Be sure to roll the edges first to fuse the repaired area with the heated but untouched surrounding pavement.
Although the color is different, the finished repair is now an integral part of the existing road.
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