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Catch Basin Rebuilds in New Hampshire - North American Infrared

Catch Basin Rebuilds

Catch Basin repairs/rebuilds are an integral part of your pavement maintenance plan.  Catch basins are what control the flow of water entering the storm drains preventing over-flows from occurring.  Catch basins can deteriorate over time from repeated exposure to the mother nature, vehicle and foot traffic. A damaged or sinking catch basin is a major safety liability that can cause damage to vehicles and pedestrians as well as cause underlying issues for the parking lots.  If your catch basins become damaged over time that may require them to be rebuilt.

North American Infrared can rebuild your catch basins promptly and professionally.  Our first step is to evaluate what the catch basin needs for materials and labor.  A standard catch basin rebuild is outlines below, many basins require different levels of work which our FREE estimate would detail.  After securing the work area with cones and signage our team would cut and remove the bituminous concrete around the basin.  Next, we would remove the fame and grate, reset the bricks in concrete and new bricks or blocks would be added if needed.  Then the frame and grate would be reset and finally there would be hot mix asphalt installed in the area excavated and finished with a permanent, seamless infrared asphalt repair.

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