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Parking Lot Marking and Striping

Parking lot striping is the icing on the “cake” and the first thing people notice when they enter your parking lot.  Parking Lot striping is an important part of the pavement maintenance process as it directs the people safely throughout your property.  From the parking spaces to the crosswalks and curb painting each plays an important role in the safety and security of customers, visitors and patrons.  Without a properly applied pavement marking layout there could be accidents throughout the lot that you the business owner could be liable for.

Parking Lot Marking

The main reason for line striping your parking lot is safety and liability.  When lines or stencils do not exist in your parking there is no structure for your customers or employees.  This can lead to accidents, towed vehicles, issues with the fire department and blocked handicap access.  Having a well-marked parking lot will enhance the appearance of your property.

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Parking Lot Marking Striping
Design Considerations

Maximize Space

Properly spaced parking stalls will allow for maximum amount of cars into the parking lot. A correct layout will help to achieve this goal.

Efficient Traffic Flow

Well organized traffic patterns are crucial to a great parking lot layout. Directing traffic and pedestrians so that there are no traffic jams, accidents and all can enter and exit in a safe and timely manner is another important aspect.

Designated Parking

North American Infrared considers all needs from customers to employees and beyond when creating a successful parking lot layout. NAI follows all ADA requirements for parking areas and utilizes up to date information to create those areas.

Parking Lot Marking Layout Options

Providing the most stalls possible in a functional parking lot is the main goal of a layout.


The straight-in design (90°) always allows for the most stalls; but, for a variety of reasons, angled stalls (45°, 60° or 75°) are preferred. Straight-in stalls are easiest to lay out and stripe, plus they permit two-way traffic.


Angled stalls, on the other hand, are easier for drivers to turn into and back out of and require a narrower lane. In addition, angled stalls provide a controlled one-way traffic flow and create a herringbone design that many owners find appealing. Unfortunately, the greater the angle, the more space is taken up.

Pavement Marking Procedure

North American Infrared utilizes high quality materials and superior equipment in our pavement marking process.  We can create custom wording, numbering and specialty striping as well.

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