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Sealcoating your pavement is an important cost-effective pavement preservation procedure that when applied every 3-5 years, commencing a year after installation, can double the life of your pavement.

Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating pavement protects against and seals out oxidation and the harmful actinic rays of the sun. Oxidation starts to occur immediately after the pavement is installed. Pavement is made up of stone/aggregate and asphalt. The asphalt is the glue that holds the stone/aggregate together. Oxidation, the mixing of air and water molecules combined with sun light will break down asphalt. Because asphalt is the glue that holds the stone in place in pavement, losing the asphalt leaves the stone either exposed or causes the stone to come out of suspension. This will leave voids on the surface for water to collect and through freeze and thaw further break down the pavement. Asphalt gives the pavement its flexibility. The loss of that flexibility, will cause the pavement to dry out, becoming brittle and more susceptible to surface/geothermal cracking, potholes etc. Pavement should be sealed and protected as soon as it has cured. approximately 6 months to 1 year after installation.  Sealcoating as necessary, every 3-5 years will help ensure that a high percentage of asphalt is in your pavement is retained.


Sealcoating seals out the harmful effects that occur when gas & oil is spilled on the pavement.

Sealcoating also enhances the look of the pavement adding to its curb appeal.

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Benefits of Sealcoating Include

Sealcoating also provides a fresh, new appearance and improves the aesthetic of the entire property. The many benefits of sealcoating your pavement , there are three that stand out as especially beneficial to business.

Curb Appeal

When properties have freshly sealed pavement the areas look fresh and new.  The sealcoating application provides a pleasing aesthetic to any property whether it be commercial or residential.


The preservation of your asphalt with sealcoating to protect it from the elements, oils and mother nature is crucial for longer lasting asphalt surfaces.


Sealcoating your asphalt as part of a regular pavement maintenance program is a great way to ensure your asphalt will hold up over time and not create unnecessary expenses earlier than anticipated. 

Sealcoating is one of the most important elements in a pavement management plan, because sealcoating:

  • Protects paved surfaces against the scourge of chemicals, snow salt, water and ultraviolet rays.
  • Minimizes exposure to oxygen and UV rays
  • Ensures the longevity of asphalt surfaces, and
  • Improves the visual aesthetic of the pavement and the property it covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Sealcoating Last?

Sealcoating your pavement will help to preserve your asphalt for 3 to 4 years depending on the condition of the asphalt when the sealant was applies. The application should be applied more frequently if the use is heavy and deterioration is apparent.   It is better to get your asphalt sealcoated after the 1st year it has been down then to wait additional years before sealcoating.

How Much Does Sealcoating Cost?

Sealing pricing largely depends on the size of the pavement to be sealcoated and the cost of materials at that time.  In todays market prices are constantly changing due to measures out of our control.  The best way to get an exact price it contact one of our team at North American Infrared so we can provide you with a FREE on site evaluation of your property.

When Should You Sealcoat?

North American Infrared follows the manufacturer recommendation for the application of sealcoat to your asphalt. Sealcoat should be applied when the air and surface temperatures are 50 and rising for 24 hours or more.  NAI starts are sealcoating season around May 15th and ends around the beginning of October depending on mother nature.

Why Choose North American Infrared For Seal Coating?

Sealcoating protects against oxidation and spills all the while making the asphalt visibly attractive.  NAI has experienced sealcoating crews to provide you with quality workmanship, dependability and flexibility to fit your asphalt needs.  With our owners out on the jobs we are constantly ensuring the success of our projects.
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